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About Us

About-1XL Mechanical provides professional Installation, maintenance, and service of all types of Mechanical Systems, from Ductless Mini-Splits to Large Tonnage Screw Centrifugal Chillers Boiler Systems. XL Mechanical’s goal is to provide quality service for the HVAC industry and strive to be the very best in a rapidly growing and changing environment.

We distinguish ourselves above our competitors by being professionally affiliated with some of our industry’s most trusted names. We are the only Authorized Daikin Factory Service Representatives in Maine. We are representatives of Honeywell, Siemens, Tridium, and Vykon.

Additionally, we are trained to work on almost any manufacturer’s equipment. We can provide precise input for any mechanical system based on our years of collected experience. We service the entire New England Area, including Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

Core Values

We take great pride in the core values that have led to our continued success.

  • COMMITMENT: Our team is committed to designing and providing systems that meet the highest standards of excellence as well as the requests and needs of our customers.
  • EXPERIENCE: Our staff has extensive experience and an acute knowledge base of multiple vital areas of our industry like Automation, Mechanical, Process Control, Lighting, Motor Control, VFD’s, and Energy Management, as well as extensive business experience including Management, Retail, and Marketing.
  • QUALITY: We are insistent on providing the highest quality products available in our customer’s best interest for both the short and long term. We will not shortchange our customers’ satisfaction for a quick sale.
  • REPUTATION: Our work history and reputation are a driving force for us. Most of our customers are repeat customers we have worked with for many years, or those referred to us by existing repeat customers. As a result, our reputation as a company that delivers results has ensured us many repeat customers and other opportunities.


Because of our unique position as Daikin Factory Service and the premier provider of Open, Non-Proprietary controls systems, we have had the opportunity to build relationships with most Installing Mechanical Contractors and Engineering Firms in New England.

We specialize in providing our customers with the finest Mechanical and Automation solutions available. Our team is committed to designing and delivering systems that meet the highest standards of excellence.

Our highly experienced staff can help you to develop innovative solutions. These are designed to optimize your systems and maximize your facilities’ output and efficiency, regardless of the size or type. We look forward to earning your business and your trust.