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Service Agreements

XL Mechanical & Energy Management Services service programs are designed to help eliminate equipment downtime, making sure you receive maximum efficiency from your equipment, help you balance your budget, and give you time to manage your business.

Comprehensive Maintenance

We offer a comprehensive program to keep your equipment in proficient operating condition and peak performance while reducing repair risk and downtime at a budgeted price.

Inspection Services

Factory-trained technicians inspect and monitor your equipment and system’s health on a scheduled basis.

Predictive Maintenance

Non-destructive testing such as fluid chemical analysis, eddy current tube analysis, vibration testing, and infrared thermal analysis are a few of the critical functions that can catch problems before they become big expensive ones.

Tailored Maintenance

Our flexibility provides innovative approaches to meet your particular requirements, from shared maintenance responsibility with your in-house staff to custom scheduling or service functions. We can design a program to meet your facility’s unique circumstances.

Extended Parts & Labor Coverage

Essentially extending the original equipment warranty, we can offer programs that provide the same coverage and reduce or eliminate the financial risk to you.

Scheduled Repairs & Overall Coverage

These scheduled services can extend the life of your equipment and prevent costly breakdowns.